Course Objectives:

Develop your own creative practice in writing and illustration

Gain an understanding of Sita and Jane’s creative practice as writer and illustrator

Gain an understanding of how the combination of illustration and writing can develop story ideas

Gain ideas for developing your pupils’ creative writing and illustration skills

Course Structure:

Part 1: Meeting Sita and Jane and learning about their practice (Live session)

Part 2: Generating ideas

Part 3: Using artwork to develop ideas

Part 4: Finding the story

The course will take approximately 5 hours to complete and you can work through it at your own pace.

Part One

The course will begin with a live Zoom call with Sita and Jane. In this session, they will introduce you to their practice, offer some warm-up activities to generate ideas, and answer any questions you may have.

The date and time of the Zoom call will be confirmed soon – please check back here for details.

The Islington Centre for Refugees and Migrants

The Art and Writing Class is a core part of the Islington Centre for Refugees and Migrant’s activities. As Artist and Writer in Residence Jane and Sita share their process of working together professionally as writer and illustrator. Each term a different theme is explored such as Gardens, The Animal Kingdom, Trees, Maps, Portraits, and Rivers.

We begin with image stimuli and Jane offers examples of how the subject has been explored by artists and demonstrates art techniques. Sita prompts a discussion around the subject, collecting a ‘word hoard’ of sayings and vocabulary that spark imagination as members offer stories eg. about a favourite animal, river, or tree.

The atmosphere in the room is often meditative as members settle into painting or drawing. Then conversations and stories naturally occur as people begin to share their work. Some sharings are personal thoughts between individuals, some lead to working on Own Voice poems or stories that members wish to share. Other ideas, feelings, and expressions are contributed to a ‘treasure hoard’ from which Sita scribes a communally built poem each week.

In this work members express great joy in seeing and hearing their collective creative work and by extension themselves, held and appreciated. The Work of The Art and Writing Class has been exhibited at Amnesty International HQ, Islington Libraries, and ICA.