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< BACKThe Creature By Isabelle, St John's Church School

The Creature

Unbelievably, the creature’s thick fur was so dense you would have to cut it with garden snipers. With his powerful third arm, he can carve into even hard rock. Even though he is a content creature, the angrier he gets, the more he destroys things. His terrifying claws could hurt a human in seconds.

Brilliantly, if you were looking for a friend, the creature would be great because he has a great personality and amazing sense of humour. As you see, the monster may be hideous but once you get to know him you begin to see his inner beauty.

The creature’s voice is very monstrous and it is possible to hear it from miles away! The creature considers his home to be Castle Grotteskew. Just because he is a monster, others think he is unkind but this is just not true.