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< BACKStitch Head’s Diary By Leo, St John's Church School

Dear Diary,

Today I went to see a monster getting created! The professor is crazy, crazy because he likes to create mad creatures. I was terrified.

I saw the creature getting created. It was so ugly. I was terrified because he looked aggressive. It began to break things. It started punching and kicking the air. What could I do?

The monster, who was so aggressive, drank the potion. The was weird, he stopped moving. I thought the monster would start again. Was he going to hit me? Is he still aggressive?

Not making a sound, the creature did not move. I thought the monster would attack me but he said, “hello.” Tense, I was rooted to the spot. Why was he talking to me? Surprisingly, he asked me to be his friend! Puzzled, I felt like running away. Then I realised, he is actually really friendly.

I tried to run away. I tried to leave the monster alone. The pain of my first broken friendship was too strong. My heart felt like a beating drum. However, the howling monster make it impossible to run away. After a while, the monster started following me to the dungeon. This was new because I have never shown anyone my dungeon or potions before.

As I was showing the creature my dark, secluded dungeon I heard the trumpet. Normally, the trumpet would alert me to incidents in the castle. It was the front door. Who was there? Shall I go and see? Should I leave it? The more steps I took, the more I wanted to hide.