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< BACKLonely Jim By Abigail, St John's Church School

There Jim lay in his hospital bed, thinking about things that concerned him. He felt lonely and lost.

Suddenly his mind transported him to a strange place. It was a very quiet place; a maze. Hundreds of negative thoughts bombarded him. Would he get better? Different faint sounds echoed through the maze as he was sitting there. The more depressed Jim got, the longer he stayed where he was. His conscience was telling him to get up and be resilient but he couldn’t. He thought there was no hope. Sorrowfully, Jim’s head fell into his hands. Would he ever get out? Would he survive? Would he be stuck there for life? Everything looked realistic. Everything seemed real, was it?

Jim kept on hearing sounds. Was someone calling him? Now he was starting to feel concerned. A soft voice whispered to him “Come on Jim! You can do it!” Courageously but reluctantly, he got up and carried on searching.

Meanwhile, Bami (his nurse) was watching Jim having his dreams .The same voice gently whispered “Jim wake up! In Jim’s mind, everything suddenly started disappearing. Startled, he woke up. As he woke up, he gasped and realised it was just a dream. When he saw Bami, he felt much better. “Jim, I made you a sandwich.”

“I don’t want it,“ said Jim as he pushed back the plate. Jim fell back into his comfortable bed and went back to sleep. Everything returned to the maze.

Jim gasped with fear when he realised a lion was there and saw him. He sprinted as fast as he could, as the terrifying lion chased after him. The more Jim ran, the more he got tired. He thought for a minute “Why is he chasing me?” Helpless, Jim was panting whereas the lion wasn’t running out of breath at all. Although Jim wanted to escape, he felt like giving up at the same time.

Still running, Jim spotted daylight shining through an enormous hole. Was he going to make it? Yes! This was the chance to escape. Just when Jim thought he was going to make it, the lion galloped its way toward Jim. He found a dead end outside. Was this the … the end? Panic-stricken, he backed away from the ferocious beast; the lion. Scared of what would happen, he flinched as the lion bowed his head. Its mane was so huge, it was almost touching his face! Did he want Jim to stroke him? Confused Jim reached out his shaking hands and gently stroked his mane. Was he his ‘Finder ‘? The one who would help him find his way. Would they be best friends? Would they stay friends forever?

Slowly and cautiously, he opened his eyes and lifted his hand off the lion’s fuzzy hair. Despite the lion’s fierce looks, he was gentle and calm. Smiling, he walked off with the lion, side by side. The more he walked with him, the more he trusted him. After all that running, Jim felt tired. He yawned and closed his eyes. Relieved, he finally woke up from his dream and ate his sandwich.