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< BACKLetter to Batty’s mum from Batty By Abdullah, Millfields Community Primary School

Dear Bernardo

Hi, it’s me, Andi, your sis, remember me? How r u doin? I just wanted to write to you before you came… I have one billion questions for you. Mum keeps going on about you being tall. Exactly how tall are you? Sorry I’m asking too many questions aren’t I? I cnt w8 for u to come! BTW is the Philippines a poor place? I love basketball, do you? If not, I can teach you!

Also who’s your favourite player in basketball? Mine is Michael Jordan. Mum’s gone mad for you cos she’s cleaning’ the ceiling and everything! Are you popular? Cos I think I am. Sorry, that made me sound arrogant. Did you know that I made point guard in basketball when abruptly mum says we’re moving school. How sad is that?

Unbelievably I can still remember my first (and last!) time going to the Philippines. It was beautiful – baking hot sun, cool, shady palm trees, silent beaches with only the noises of the sea crashing down onto phenomenal white sand. It was outstanding. I will never in my whole, entire, British life forget the…EARTHQUAKE.

The earthquake was incredibly shocking. It was in the middle of the night and I was lying next to mum when bang, instantly I found myself outside in my pyjamas, what?! That was one of the weirdest experiences in my life. I’m feeling ecstatic. This is going to be brilliant. i was hoping that you could come sooner. If I ever got bullied you could stick up for me.


I still can’t believe it. I can’t wait, I can’t wait! Mum’s practically crying with joy.

Anyway, got to go before my breaks something! Don’t worry – she’ll be fine.

Andi (your caring sister) xxx

P.S. Dad makes bad jokes so do a fake laugh for him!