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< BACKFoxy Tales TV show By Faith, Aveley Primary School

Foxy Dubois

Foxy is as loud as a train but cute, nice, and small, and will do anything to get rich quick.

Alphonso the alligator

Alphonso’s tummy dances because it’s big, green, and likes hot dogs and burgers. He hates vegetables. His heart is cold as ice.

Foxy is the kindest fox in town. When she sees a child she gives them a big lollipop. Foxy knows everyone in town by name, there is only one person Foxy despises: Alphonso the alligator. She is a bit of a clever cogs and loves toffee apples.

Alphonso is not the cleverest, you see, he doesn’t even know that all he ever eats is junk food and sweets, which explains why he has a big tummy. He despises Foxy and has wanted her to move out ever since the beginning.

Their house is bright. Half is hot pink the other is neon green. Both are their favourite respective colours. Their house is overly crowded; everything inside is junk. The outside is not that appealing either – red with a thick layer of marble. No one would ever want to live there. The house says save me, save me.

Chapter 1

The daffodils were swaying as Foxy thought of a cunning plan. Foxy was strolling round a little room. She slouched on a chair waiting for a plan to hit her. She jumped up quick as a flash and rushed out to meet Alphonso. She saw him stuffing his face with steaming hot fudge cake.

Chapter 2

When she told Alphonso the plan he was puzzled.

“So you want me to pretend to be a famous manager?! No way Foxy, not this time.”

“Come on Alphonso, think of the money!”

“Ok,” murmured Alphonso. Foxy sat down and ordered one small salad, while talking about making money. “I’m an actor and you’re my manager,” she said.

“That’s risky,” said Alphonso. Luckily, a man on the table next to them was a producer.

Chapter 3

They went over to the table and talked to the producer. Fortunately they got to star in a show called Puppy Time. “You meet us at 9am sharp!” Shouted Mr Producer Guy. The morning was damp and gloomy. They walked to the studio and met the terrible puppy, who is only nice to the producer.

Alphonso, who was pretending to the manager, says “So where’s Foxy Duboi’s script?

“First thing’s first,” said the producer, “I want to know Foxy’s full name.”

“Ok, that’s Foxy Bushy Tails Precious Angel O’Leary Dubois.”

“Here’s her script. One more thing: if you hate my puppy you’re fired!”

Chapter 4

Foxy met the awful puppy. It was barking at her nonstop, eventually biting her.

“You evil minion!” she spat.

“Miss Dubois, you do not talk to my puppy like that. Strike one! Two more and you’re out of here.

“Ok,” sighed Foxy.

Chapter 5

“Next scene, Foxy, you buy Tiddles, take him to the park and play. Action!” Shouted Mr Producer Guy. Foxy picked up Tiddles. The puppy snarled and chomped. “Ow, it bit me!” Wailed Foxy.

“Enough miss Dubois! No more of your little outbursts.”

“No. it actually bit her,” said Alphonso. Mr Producer Guy rounded on him, “That’s strike one for you. Two more and you’re out. Here is your first pay cheque for scene one, now be back tomorrow.”

Chapter 6

“Alphonso,” said Mr Producer Guy, “we need a mansion and limousine.”

“Done,” said Alphonso, “there’s one next to the studio.

“Let’s go meet our neighbours” Foxy suggested to Alphonso.

They stepped outside the studio and went to the first house they saw, across the road, knocking the door.

“Hello, I’m Foxy and this is Alphonso, here’s some money. Knock on our door any time.”

“I’m Ruby, I’m Aimee, and I’m Max. Thank you, can we be friends?” They asked.

“Of course, of course, bye!”

“Our mansion is amazing Alphonso, but now it’s time to get a good night’s sleep.”

Chapter 8

Work. Time to go to the studio. While they were walking in, tiddles…had an accident on their legs.

“You MENACE” they screamed in unison.

“That’s strike two for both of you!” Mr Producer Guy said from seemingly nowhere. Tiddles chomped and scratched excitedly.

“Yow, you dirty creature, filthy beast!” Said Foxy, unable to control her anger.

“That’s it,” said Mr Producer Guy, “you’re out now!”

“This is not going as I planned it,” sighed Alphonso.

Chapter Nine

“Give me back my money,” Mr Producer Guy demanded.

“Back to our old life, then,” said Alphonso.

Foxy got a job at the diner. She didn’t earn much. Alphonso moans and Foxy shouts.

The end. Or is it?