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< BACKDear Stitch Head By Jessica, St John's Church School

Dear Stitch Head,

It’s clear to see that you are not satisfied with your lonely life! I can understand that you are feeling split but you should go with Freakfinder as your isolated life will change forever.

I find it difficult to understand why you would want to stay. Even though you have been living there for years, doesn’t mean you have to stay (unless you want to continue living your life of solitude). You could be famous if you go with Freakfinder. If you trust Freakfinder, if you go with him, if you participate in his enterprising opportunity then you will have a gleeful life.

For these reasons, you should go with Freakfinder. Firstly, the professor doesn’t know you anymore so why would you stay with him? It’s time to teach professor a lesson. The longer you stay in the castle, the more irritated you will begin to feel because the professor will continue to leave you out.

Secondly, I remind you, that if you join Fulbert Freakfinder, your abnormal life will change forever. When Freakfinder makes you a star, you will be unforgettable. It might even make the professor begin to remember you. In the meantime you will have new skills and could become as rich as the queen! Imagine that Stitch Head!

The time has come to make your decision. I know you will pick the right choice. The quicker you decide, the sooner you will get rich! What will you choose?