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< BACKAre you ready to hear a monster’s day? By Kaitlyn, St John's Church School

Dear Diary, are you ready to hear about a monster’s day? If so, read on only if you dare.

Today, a repulsive creature was made. Looking at my un-matching hands, I felt abandoned. Feeling meek, I flooded the tower with my tears. For the first time in my life, I witnessed skin as white as snow. I was livid at my master for betraying me with this monstrosity. I wanted to run and hide myself in my cellar.

Just at that second, the destructive creature stormed off towards the colossal gate. He bashed the gate over and over screaming destroy. Struggling, I climbed up the beast. I forced the sloppy remedy into his stretching jaws. He fell to the ground. I felt so guilty. After that, I fell to sleep

When I awoke, I saw the colossal buffoon hiding, or at least trying to, behind the statue of my master. “Don’t eat me please,” said the hideous beast of a creature. Without warning, he asked for my name. Without warning, he asked for my name. Why me? Why not anyone else? Is he tricking me? “Can I have a name?” begged the creature.

With hesitation, I showed him my dungeon. To no surprise, the creature rummages through my collection. Were my days of solitude over? It ignored me when I tried to call it. I showed it my room. Then my potions too and even taught him to read. In doing so, I was exhausted.

We recited all of the potions. “What are they?” said the creature. I explained how they were bells that ring when the doorbell does. At that moment, the doorbell rang.

“Oh no!” we said in union. We hid…