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< BACKA day full of surprises By William, ,Year 3 St John's Church School

Dear Diary,

I have had a day full of surprises. It has been such a strange day.

I heard a bang, sizzle, boom. When I was in bed, the noise disturbed me so I followed the bang, sizzle, boom. It was the professor making more creatures. The more bit and bobs the professor added, the more terrified I was because it looked so strange. Although I was annoyed that the professor was making another monster, I was also fascinated. Terrifyingly but amazingly, I forgot how fantastic the professor’s work is. Suddenly, the monster started to run. Terrified, I saw the monster catch to me.

Without warning, the monster stormed to the reinforced gates. I sped towards the monster. Eventually, I for the monster and I jumped onto his back. In a few moments, I got to his neck. I managed to get to his face and swing round to throw the potion into his mouth. The monster threw me off his back. He saw me…

The monster saw that I was in pain. Surprisingly the monster asked me if I was ok. With hesitation, I nodded. Awkwardly, he wanted to be my friend. F..F..Friend? Friend with you? The monster started to be as kind as Jesus.

Reluctantly, I took the monster into my dungeon. I showed the monster around, which was scary as he could potentially mess my potions up. The monster started to ask about my potions. I felt proud for the first time ever. He (the creature) wanted to be friends but I have the professor.

As I was showing the monster the massive dungeon, a loud noise went off. The noise was a screech. The trumpets normally go off when someone needed to be fixed, however there was nothing to fix. It was the doorbell. Who was it? What did they want? Were they here for the professor? Heart pounding, I was so shocked that I couldn’t move.