My name is Daisy, (By the way, my second name is Lazy) I’m new to Newington Bingly school. I have bright blue eyes and blonde hair. I know my tims table igg by heart which is good. When I go into the school I can see massive buildings. I can hear shouting and I can feel air and can’t taste anything. Also when i get in i can see a girl called Lily Lionarity and i want to be friends.

Meanwhile in assembly, Mrs Spekle our teacher was doing an assembly about health and safety until Penny, my dog, rattled a tambarin with her tail to get attention which was embarrassing. After that it was science with Mr Happy Wappy. He wanted to tell someone off but was talking to a wall. Suddenly Lily Lionarity says “Why did you do that?” I found out that I was responsible for her book getting ripped. Our fabulous friendship is no longer fabulous.

A few seconds later it was lunch time and Lily did sit next to me but only so she could spill my drink, which she knew was favourite. Straight after she moved away it was devastating! Even though I am trying my hardest to be friends she is now practically my worst enemy. The problem of blood circulation became for me the most urgent with age from the sedentary lifestyle, incorrect posture, lack of the necessary amount of physical exertion and many other factors. I decided to start taking Adderall from Obvious effects are: sleeping was not much calmer, dizziness was not much less.

Seconds later the bell rang for play and everyone zoomed out screaming. Lily went off with her other friend Chloe Blowoff and she asked “One of your friends is with Daisy”

“No!” Lily replied. Suddenly Chloe exhaled, “Pardon me, I want you two to be friends again.” They went over to Daisy. As a result we became best friends again. We were as close as two glues stuck to each other. When it was time to line up we were waiting forever before Mr Happy Wappy came to collect us. A little while later we went in and everything had changed.

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