One sunny day there was a red dragon and he went to a village to get some water but there was no water! Anyway it was nearly night time so the dragon soared into the night chasing the moon in the sky. He finally got to George’s chicken coop and chirruped loudly. Three minutes later the dragon was so thirsty that George and the dragon went to the stream but there was a creepy monstrous squid and he was blocking the water! So George and the dragon thought of a plan… George whispered quietly, “I know we can ask builder Ben if he can build a home with lots of clean water.” “Yes we can,” said the dragon. “I will go and tell the squid”. “Builder Ben can you go and build a house with water in?” asked George. “OK,” said the builder finished. So the dragon went to get a net and George and the dragon asked the squid, “Do you like your house?” “Yes I do,” said the squid and the wanted to say “thank you”.