Author Abi Elphinstone, a former English teacher, has created a resource full of activities for her book, Sky Song.


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Trash? is a gem of a book for an English teacher – the kind that doesn’t come around that often. ?It’s a fast-paced thriller with a highly driven plot that swirls along with increasing fervour building ?to a beautiful climax; it’s told by multiple equally loveable narrative voices; offers itself to a range of ?moral discussions and could inspire some wonderful creative work from the students. ?

It would be just as suitable for a class of keen readers as it would for those more hesitant readers ?who enjoy a fast moving plot and not too many words on a page.

These resources are pitched at Year 8 but an enthusiastic Year 7 class would also do well with the ?book. ?The book would be valuable for assessment of a range of focuses, but these are the ones that have ?been specially identified for the suggested activities.

Using the ideas of “The Professor of Form”, we used geo-boards to create 2d shapes. once photographed, the children filled in the details of the shape including the opportunity to show their wider knowledge. E.g parallel and perpendicular lines, symmetry, angles.

They were then given the chance to develop their learning by transforming their original shapes into 3d shapes.


A reflection is added at the end. by showing their thinking skills, we ask the children to tell us what new learning was taken from the activity and how they could improve/extend their knowledge.


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– Carl is mentioned once or twice in the book, but we never meet him. What can we figure out about him from what they say? Have a go at drawing him, adding a few speech bubbles so he can tell us about himself, or even draw a comic page featuring him up to something.

– At the end of the book, Connor seems pretty excited and looking forward to high school. Write down a few rough ideas for things that might happen on his first day, then share with the class. Flesh the most interesting ones out into a simple script, then have a go at turning each into a comic page. Can they be arranged into a sequence that depicts his whole day?

– The boys bump into the two girls on the street. Chat about what the rest of their afternoon was like, and how you might make a story that featured them as the main characters.

– Do you identify with any of the characters, or have you experienced anything that they do (seeing your teacher in their regular clothes, for example!) ?

– Does it matter that nothing really happens in Playing Out? When I made it, I wanted it to be believable and convincing, so kept it a very ordinary day with no drama or excitement.


Make a list of the characters you have met so far in the book:

Jack, Huddersfield Town, Striker

Fred Bullock, Huddersfield Town, Captain

Frank Mann, Huddersfield Town (a half back, although this information is not given in the novel)

Sid Wheelhouse, Grimsby, Defender

Percy Summers, Grimsby, goalkeeper

Arthur Fairclough (name not given in the novel) Huddersfield Town ‘gaffer’

Chris Buckley, Arsenal, Captain

Henry Norris, Arsenal


Make notes on what the book tells us about each of these characters and use the internet to find out more. Make footballer collectors’ cards featuring each of these, following these examples.

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