A sheet for recording sets of rhyming words found in the book and adding new ones of your own. Presented as spell-like flashes.


Using the ideas of “The Professor of Form”, we used geo-boards to create 2d shapes. once photographed, the children filled in the details of the shape including the opportunity to show their wider knowledge. E.g parallel and perpendicular lines, symmetry, angles.

They were then given the chance to develop their learning by transforming their original shapes into 3d shapes.


A reflection is added at the end. by showing their thinking skills, we ask the children to tell us what new learning was taken from the activity and how they could improve/extend their knowledge.


Using the boxing clever format helped the children plan and write their own version of The Witch with an Itch story.


This storyboard resource encourages pupils to REALLY read the text. They show their understanding through pictures and use retrieval skills to evidence this.


Instructions on how to make your own beautiful bird. We used these as independent activities and with parents for an afternoon of art and craft bird making.

Instructions on how to make your own pom pom chicks in a nest!


I’m always delighted when children paint or decorate an egg inspired by “Masha and the Firebird. Instead of painting a picture on your egg why not use words.

I made a word cloud of “ing” words associated with each of the four elements and used the words to”decorate” each of the four sides of an egg made from card.

Click here are the templates and instructions.

Egg x4 templateInstructions on how to make a word cloud decorated egg