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< BACK‘Who is my ‘Secret Self?’ By Margaret Bateson-Hill

My ‘Secret Self’

The idea for First Flight: Dragon Racer Book 1 came about because I was asked who my secret self was.

“I race dragons,” I told everyone. “Every night I slip out of my house, go to the dragon caves under Lambeth Town Hall in South London and find my dragon and we go racing.”

So let me ask you.

‘Who is your secret self? Are you a spy or a time traveller? Do you have any special powers like invisibility, telepathy or shape shifting? Can you fly or talk to animals? Do you like having this ability? Who else knows about it?

Introduce your secret self. Perhaps you might like to write about how you discovered your ‘secret self’. Were you bitten by a strange insect, zapped by lightning or did you receive a mysterious present or invitation?

Or perhaps you might prefer to tell the tale of one of your adventures (or mishaps).