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< BACK‘The World Contest,’ by Kaye Umansky

Create entry forms for the Wickedest Witch/Wizard in The World contest! Invent your name and address, fill in the name/type of your pet and their speciality spell. Then, you must write ten sentences saying why you feel you should be considered for the competition.


Name: Witch Bandybones.

Address: Drippy Cave, Badfinger Forest.

Name/Type of pet: Teddy the Tarantula.

Specialty spell: Making it rain treacle.

Why I should be considered: I made my own pointy hat. I have written a best selling book called Bad Spelling. I actually have good spelling. I can spell “actually.” Not many people can. Little children don’t like me. I have a very loud, scary cackle. Once, I turned my own sister into a gorse bush, which made her quite prickly. If you don’t consider me for this competition you will be very sorry. I mean it, so be warned.



The next step of your application is devising a menu suitable for catering the contest. Challenge yourself by using the type of vocabulary found in posh restaurants!


Starters: Lightly fried slugs drizzled with a mustard and tarragon sauce and crispy rat tails in pasta.

Main: Jellied toad legs on a bed of shredded cactus and porcupine pie with pine cone relish

Dessert: Mouse mousse with prunes and spider trifle