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< BACK‘Make a Zeraffa Giraffe Mask,’ with Jane Ray & Dianne Hofmeyr

Make your own giraffe mask from a cardboard template and choose various coloured papers to make the giraffe patterns (old magazine pages work well). No giraffes have exactly the same pattern but be sure to keep to giraffe colours.

You can add extra details with pen or crayon. Instead of using elastic to tie the mask around your head, use a gardening stick or dowel and tape it to the back of the mask so you can hold the mask in front of your face and feel you are truly taking on the face of a giraffe.

If you are doing this in a group, have a giraffe parade to music and walk slowly with a sway as if you’re walking through the African desert or through the French countryside just like Zeraffa did. You might like to stop and turn and face each other so you can see what others have made. Finally perhaps you can bow to each other stretching your necks out long just as giraffes might do if they walked together in a group on a long journey.

The mask in the picture was made when the illustrator Jane Ray and I did a combined workshop.