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< BACKCompose a Six Facts Poem with Rachel Rooney

Can you write a ‘personification poem’? Have a read of the poem in the photograph above, then follow the tips below to guide you through composing your own poem. ‘Six Facts of Life’ is from my poetry collection called ‘My Life as a Goldfish’.

Now YOU create your OWN poem!

NOTE: Your poem does not have to rhyme and you can use as many ‘facts’ as you want!

1. CHOOSE a season – Spring, Summer, Autumn or Winter.

2. WRITE down as many facts you can think of about that season.

For example: what the weather is like, what animals might do at that time of year, what happens to the flowers and trees, how people behave in that season – as well as celebrations at that time of year.

3. Now IMAGINE the season was a person and ask yourself…
Is it a man or woman?
Are they mean, friendly, bossy, mysterious etc?
When might you first meet them?
What might they wear?
How do they move around?
How do they use their powers – for good or for bad?

4. Combine your with interesting made-up details. Make your season really come alive!

5. At the end of the poem, maybe you can add something that they might say to you. What sort of voice would they have?