I’m always delighted when children paint or decorate an egg inspired by “Masha and the Firebird. Instead of painting a picture on your egg why not use words.

I made a word cloud of “ing” words associated with each of the four elements and used the words to”decorate” each of the four sides of an egg made from card.

Click here are the templates and instructions.

Egg x4 templateInstructions on how to make a word cloud decorated egg

Teacher Information

Teachers may find it useful to read through this before embarking on teaching Nimesh the Adventurer


Guided Reading Resource

A step-by-step teacher’s guide for reading Nimesh the Adventurer as a class reader. These questions could also be used to prompt discussion in small groups or for independent readers approaching the text on their own


Curriculum Map

This table shows how Nimesh the Adventurer could be integrated within lessons across the curriculum.

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