For another idea using the story of Zeraffa, try a shadow play of the story.


You can make templates for the shadow puppets out black paper. Draw and then cut out an outline of a giraffe, cutting holes for the patterns. You can make the legs move by attaching them on to the body with little brass split pins so that you can put the legs in different positions. It will look as if the giraffe is walking.

The Egyptian show can be made with triangular sails and also the bigger boat that went across the Mediterranean Sea. Don’t forget the carriage and the cows and also the houses on the walk through the French countryside to tell your story. The houses could have doors and windows cut out so the light shines through them. If you tape on thin sticks to the back of the shadow puppet you can hold them up high so your own shadow doesn’t get in the way.

Remember that you are making outlines and their shadows need to show up on a white screen or sheet. You can either stand behind a white sheet with a strong light behind you or you can stand in front of a white screen so that a bright light reflects the shadow onto the screen. This works well with an overhead projector.


Watch the video below – do you think you have what it takes to be an illustrator?



1. Pritt stick glue

2. Coloured tissue paper (light green, dark green, blue, and yellow or orange)

3. One sheet of tracing paper

4. Safety scissors


1. Make sure you have your glue, tissue paper, tracing paper and scissors ready.

2. Choose a jungley colour from your tissue paper and cut out some leafy shapes. Try and cut out small leaves AND bigger leaves.

3. Start glueing the leaves down onto your tracing paper, making a collage of jungle leaves.

4. Choose another two or three jungle colours and cut out some more leafy shapes from them. Glue them all down onto your page and try to layer and overlap the leaves as much as possible.

5. Now find your orange or yellow tissue paper, and cut out a round circle for the sun. Tip: find an object to draw around to get a nice round circle (like a jam jar or a cup).

6. Stick your bright sun onto the tracing paper ANYWHERE you like.

7. Now all you have to do is find a way to hang it in front of a window, so the sun can shine through and illuminate it!

Make your own giraffe mask from a cardboard template and choose various coloured papers to make the giraffe patterns (old magazine pages work well). No giraffes have exactly the same pattern but be sure to keep to giraffe colours.

You can add extra details with pen or crayon. Instead of using elastic to tie the mask around your head, use a gardening stick or dowel and tape it to the back of the mask so you can hold the mask in front of your face and feel you are truly taking on the face of a giraffe.

If you are doing this in a group, have a giraffe parade to music and walk slowly with a sway as if you’re walking through the African desert or through the French countryside just like Zeraffa did. You might like to stop and turn and face each other so you can see what others have made. Finally perhaps you can bow to each other stretching your necks out long just as giraffes might do if they walked together in a group on a long journey.

The mask in the picture was made when the illustrator Jane Ray and I did a combined workshop.

Start by cutting out this bird shape

Next cut or tear paper feathers. You can use old wrapping paper, or pages from colour magazines.


Stick the feathers on the bird. Add some real feathers…

Add a googly eye and a golden beak and some sequins.


Make a hole and thread some ribbon to hang your bird up!