Hello and welcome to my Quick Manga Character Kit!

This resource is laid out so that it can be printed off and put together as a booklet.

The aim is to get your students drawing and designing their own original Manga characters by teaching them the basics of drawing faces and bodies, giving them some examples for inspiration and providing some templates for them to try creating their own characters quickly.

Suitable for: 9yrs+ reading level, keen artists/storytellers

Type of activity: Drawing, design

Aim of the activity: Drawing ability, imagination, character creation

Materials needed: 
Pencils (to start) 
Printer for printing out templates 
Either traditional media (pens, markers, paints) or digital media (scanner, art software, tablet computer with pen stylus) if you want to the activity to end with finished illustrations 
8 x A4 pages in total (7 for teaching, 1 page of templates for printing/drawing over)

Download the Quick Manga Character Kit Activity Sheet here

This fantastic set of resources, suitable for both mainstream and SEN classes, was created by author Alexis Deacon and centres around both science and drawing activities.





This resource was developed by author/illustrator Alexis Deacon to support teachers leading an SEN class visit to Richborough Roman Fort in Kent, where Romans once lived over a thousand years ago. However, they can be used to explore any Roman site in Britain. Some activities are suitable for home or the classroom and some can be tried on location in sites.



This resource is designed by poet Cheryl Moskowitz to encourage pupils of all ages and abilities, and their teachers, to use poetry as a way to enhance their visit, record observations, communicate and share their ideas and learning about the place.



This is a video resource designed to be used alongside the reading of Cheryl Moskowitz‘ poetry collection, Can it Be About Me?. The resource encourages pupils of all ages and abilities, and their teachers, to use poetry as a creative form of self- expression, communication and sharing of ideas.



A collection of interactive resources, suitable for both mainstream and SEN classes, centred around the book Everybunny Dance by author and illustrator Ellie Sandall.



A collection of classroom resources, suitable for mainstream and SEN classes, by illustrator Ellie Sandall. The pack includes engaging activities centred around interactive role-play, craft and storytelling.



A carousel of activities to do alongside Jessica Spanyol‘s book Clive and his Art.




These resources, which include role-play and art activities, are based on the Clive series by Jessica Spanyol, designed to challenge gender stereotypes.




This resource, created by author Jessica Spanyol and based around her Clive series, is a brilliant way to show children who struggle to read and write that it does not have to be a barrier to their creativity.