Here’s a few space-themed colouring-in sheets, provided for us by Ben Newman, creator and illustrator of the AWESOME Astro Cat!


Jose Domingo is going to help you draw your own monster – follow his step-by-step guide, using the worksheets below, to build your monster. Then you can help Jose colour-in his monsters!

Add spooky faces to Imelda’s pumpkins


Can you help the goblin through the maze?


Colour-in your very own goblin character

Emily Hughes created the pages below to help you illustrate your own story. Just follow the instructions Emily’s given on each page. And if you print all the pages then you can staple them together into your very own book!

Whilst drawing ‘Atlas of Adventures’, Lucy had lots of fun learning about all the different things you can see and do around the world. Here you can create your own adventures stories with these ‘World Map Worksheets’


What To Do:

1. Print out the three drawing worksheets and choose a selection of your favourite adventure icons. Finish off the drawings, using my original black and white sketches as a guide.

2. Why not also create some icons of your own? Think about an adventure you’ve been on (e.g. your most recent holiday) – this can be real or imaginary. Where was it? What did you do and who did you meet? Draw some small pictures of the things you saw there.


3. Colour in your drawings with felt-tips or crayons, then cut around them carefully with scissors.


4. Once you’ve got your adventure icons ready, print out the blank world map sheet.

5. Place your drawings loosely on top of the map until you are happy with the layout.

Think about what countries your different adventures take place in – you can use the ‘Atlas of Adventures’ book to help if you get stuck. Have fun creating stories with the pictures, like layering your drawings on top of each other and making your characters interact on the page.

6. Once you’ve pieced together your drawings, stick them down with glue or blue-tack. Ta-da! You’ve created your very own mini map of adventures!