Another collection of three humorous stories about Nel, the mischievous little girl who often seems to be at the receiving end of criticism from her parents, her brother and her teachers!

A quarterly comic aimed at boys and girls between 7-13 years old. It includes puzzles and jokes, but the emphasis is on the new stories that will make you laugh, in the company of Gwil Garw, Llio, Bloden and Gari Pêl!

It is a collection of jokes and comic strips. “I come from a family of book-worms and I’m certain that my love of stories and beautiful illustrations came from reading at a young age. Asterix and Tintin were highly influential to me as a youngster and I still love the magic of comics. Good luck to everyone taking part in the Mellten challenge, I can’t wait to see them!”

Mae Cadi’n mynd i gael picnic ar lan y môr. Wrth iddi orwedd mewn pwll dwr cynnes, braf, mae’n cael ei thynnu i lawr ac i lawr i waelod y môr mawr!
Dyna pryd mae’n cwrdd â’i ffrind newydd, Mabli’r fôr-forwyn. Ond rhaid cadw’n ddigon pell oddi wrth ogof Morlais, y Morgi Mawr Gwyn…
Stori liwgar, sy’n llawn hud a lledrith bywyd o dan y môr, ac sy’n dysgu gwers i ni – PAID Â THAFLU SBWRIEL I’R MÔR!



We follow Cadi, her mother and brother, to the seaside, where Cadi disagrees with her mum and goes to sit in a water pool. Suddenly, she is drawn into the sea by Mabli the mermaid, where she helps to find a present for King Neptune. But she has to look out for the white shark!



Dydi Alun ddim yn hapus pan mae Mam yn prynu llyfr iddo yn lle tegan. Ond daw i ddeall fod dipyn o sbort a drygioni i’w gael rhwng cloriau ambell i lyfr.


Alun isn’t very happy when his mother buys him a book instead of a toy. However, he realises that you can have a great deal of fun between the covers of many a book.