George is a badger, Celia is an otter. The badgers and the otters live very separate lives, each looking down on the other. The only time their paths cross is at the Driftwood Ball when the badgers jig and the otters shimmy, neither thinking the other’s dance style is very good.

When George and Celia meet they realise that together they could create dance steps no-one has ever seen before! How will their families react? Will they be allowed to dance together? And most importantly, who will win the dance trophy?



This little boat struggles through terrible storms, past giant sea monsters and around treacherous rocks, meeting friends along the way.

The Big Scary Monster (who lives on top of a mountain not far from here) is convinced he is bigger and scarier than any other creature and delights in terrifying the little creatures that live nearby.

Eventually the little creatures learn to hide from him and he gets bored with no one to frighten, so looks further afield for his fun.

When he spies tiny figures down in the valley, the monster sets off on a scaring spree but as he descends the mountain, the rocks and plants seem to get bigger and he seems to be getting smaller…

Could the mysterious substance, deep amber, be the source of all the chaos? It’s down to modern-world siblings Cat and Simon to join forces with apprentice witch, Dora, and castle mischief-maker, Jem, to investigate. But can they mend the rift and find the deep amber before it falls into the wrong hands?

When the young Prince of Avala is imprisoned by rebels, he needs all the help he can get to escape. As he flees his prison dressed in his red pyjamas, his captives are hot on his heels. Soon, he realises he is not alone. The whole land of Avala has joined forces to help him, each person dressing in red to confound and confuse his enemies. An exciting tale of adventure and escape!

How did the universe begin? Where did humans come from? Why did Darwin cause such a commotion? And how did the Romans conquer the world? Through the use of pop-ups, flaps and booklets, ‘How the World Began’ is an exploration of the history of our planet, from the birth of the universe to ancient civilisations, the present and even the future of the earth.

Foxly is hunting for things to include in his feast. He visits the farmyard, the fish pond and the rabbit’s burrow. It looks like the animals are in danger, but there’s more to Foxly than meets the eye!

Although based around a true story, the wall is symbolic of separations around the world, whether it be between whole communities or two individuals.

He makes them hoot with laughter as he drinks water from a vase, goes wild on his skateboard and bursts all the balloons.

So after a fond farewell at the end of the day, everyone is surprised when another entertainer turns up, full of apologies for being late. A hilarious romp from the inimitable Emma Dodd. 

Featuring stunning illustrations of a polar bear family embellished with foil, this makes a handsome addition to Emma Dodd’s ever-popular baby animal series. The perfect book for parent-child bonding at bedtime.