Kirk Bergman and Duncan McBoo are pedigree police: the finest canine cops in all Muttropolis. And they’re never short of work. The Golden Bone of Alexandria has been stolen by malevolent mongrels and our doggy duo are the perfect pooches to take on the case… CRIMINALS BEWARE: Bergman and McBoo are on your tail!

It’s the start of a brand new term at St Rita’s School for Spirited Girls, and that means big changes all round – starting with the school’s brand new headteacher, Miss Woolley, who seems to be severely underestimating just what a riotous bunch the St Rita’s pupils are. And when Emily Lime – the fabulously sarcastic, totally tactless school assistant librarian – discovers Miss Woolley’s revolutionary plan to do away with library cards, she’s fuming.

But after a school trip to an art gallery results in a prized painting vanishing off the premises, it’s up to Emily Lime and her hapless cohorts Daphne and George (the only boy at St Rita’s) to find out whodunnit – and just why there are cows all over the playing field.

Jack stands in the dark on the landing of the old house, and looks at his feet – He has been here for minutes, his hand on the door handle, debating whether or not to go in. A high-ceilinged room lit only by candles. Thirteen chairs, one empty. Twelve ghostly storytellers, waiting to begin. Come in! Take your place. We have been expecting you. Do you dare to listen to our stories? Do you dare to tell your own? Jack is a curious boy. Are you curious too?

Daphne is off to St Rita’s, an exclusive girls’ boarding school. It sounds awfully respectable and Daphne herself is awfully respectable too. She loves to read, and is delighted to be offered the chance to interview for Librarian’s assistant’s assistant immediately upon arrival. But it turns out nothing is quite what you’d expect at St Rita’s – you can’t trust a padlock if the fourth graders are around, the floor has holes from cannonballs, the smell in the dining room is disgustingly foul, and Daphne discovers the librarian doesn’t really exist. But there is a librarian’s assistant, Emily Lime. And she’s really a crime-solving genius, who’s looking for a new assistant of her own. And booksmart Daphne is just the girl for the job, because mystery and intrigue are about to strike St Rita’s and Emily Lime is going to need all the help she can get…

Muttropolis is movie central, and there’s been a killing in Collie-wood.

This calls for Kirg Bergman and Duncan McBoo, the craftiest cops around!

The city is full of mean mongrels who are determined to stop them sniffing out the truth.

But they haven’t reckoned with the finest milkshake-fuelled minds in the force!

Rosa suffers from a rare condition that renders her mute. She lives on the strange island of Mirasol where the rain never seems to stop.