Young Nick Truelove is growing up in the turbulent seventeenth century in London. 

Holding King Charles II responsible for the death of his parents, young Nick swears an oath of revenge, which leads him on a dangerous path right to the Tower of London!

A thrilling account of historical London, taking in the events of 1666, the Great Plague, and the Great Fire, as well as bringing to to life the reign of King Charles II.

As Jessie learns about Nazi Germany at school, past and present begin to slot together and she uncovers something long-buried, troubling and somehow linked to another girl and another white dog…

Flying Excelsior, the stunning silver spiked-back dragon is more exciting than anything she’s ever known and he’s soon her closest friend in the world. But beneath the glitz and glamour of dragon racing lie burning ambitions and a greed that threatens to consume anything and anyone that stands in the way – including the sport’s rising stars.


An adventure story set in Brixton, Blackpool and Brighton (Long listed for the Brilliant Book Award.)