For the very first time, young Moonshadow is flying south. Grandfather is leading the swans as they travel to a warm place for the winter. But when a terrible storm strikes, not all the swans make it through. Though his heart is heavy, Moonshadow finds the strength to continue the journey. Gillian Lobel’s beautifully written tale deals gently with loss and bereavement, while Karin Littlewood’s enchanting paintings create a memorable world for young readers.

Ama has a new baby brother! And when she asks Grandma Sisi what gift she can give him, Grandma tells her to simply give him the gift of love. But where can Ama find this precious gift? Ama sets off to find out, but in the end, the gift of love comes to her instead.


A gloriously atmospheric tale about the joy of new life and the power of love.

Small Florence has big dreams of becoming a piggy pop star. But when she tries to sing in front of her two older sisters, nothing comes out but a shy little squeak! When her sisters get the chance to sing in a contest on TV, Florence wishes she could join them. On the day of the competition, the judges get ready to pick a star. And then a truly amazing thing happens!

Lucy loves everything about nursery – except for Tommy, who is a big bully. He stamps on Lucy's sculpture and breaks her pencils. He warns her not to tell – or else! But with a bit of help from Lucy's mum, Tommy is ready to turn over a new leaf.


Jess is fifteen, Ryan is seventeen and they are falling in love… but each is keeping a terrible secret from each other, threatening to destroy their bond. On a weekend away rock climbing they move closer than ever, until a terrifying accident drives a new wedge between them.

Can Jess save her family from Dad's mistakes and will Ryan resolve his own mess from the past? If not, their love is doomed to failure.