This Activity Book puts you in Shackelton’s shoes, testing your resourcefulness at every turn. And it will have you thinking up your own adventures – the kind other children can only dream about. Open it on any page. Fill the blank spaces with your ideas and artwork, maps and plans for future exploration.

And challenge yourself and your friends to the limit with the ultimate GAME OF ENDURANCE

ShackletonsJourney_ActivityBook by William Grill

Art by William Grill, activities written by Zelda Turner and published by Flying Eye Books.

A creative resource pack featuring 5 classroom ideas, to help pupils explore the themes of art and family in the story. All ideas are fully resourced and feature art activities, reading comprehension and inference and PSHE links. For more on Luna Loves Art, check out our blog.

A Picture of the Resource

Cheryl Moskowitz has created this teaching resource to accompany The Corona Collection – A Conversation.

There are ideas for facilitating discussions around key themes and providing a space for children to discuss some of their experiences of lockdown.

There are also ideas for children to write their own poetry, inspired by some of the poems in the collection.


The Corona Collection – Pop Up teaching resource

Pooja Puri talks about the inspiration behind her brilliant book, The Jungle.



Karl Nova describes his journey into poetry and rap – and gives some tips for kids to create their own poetry.


This resource is designed by poet Cheryl Moskowitz to encourage pupils of all ages and abilities, and their teachers, to use poetry as a way to enhance their visit, record observations, communicate and share their ideas and learning about the place.



This is a video resource designed to be used alongside the reading of Cheryl Moskowitz‘ poetry collection, Can it Be About Me?. The resource encourages pupils of all ages and abilities, and their teachers, to use poetry as a creative form of self- expression, communication and sharing of ideas.



This resource, created by poet Kate Wakeling, explores how poetry can spark rich, colourful and accessible sensory play in SEND settings, particularly for work with groups with profound and complex needs, or for any group where verbal communication is particularly limited. The resources references Nicola Davies’ illustrated book, A First Book of Nature.




This resource, created by poet Kate Wakeling, explores some creative and interactive approaches to writing and responding to poems on the theme of space for SEND groups (particularly those with ASD) with a reading age/ability from phase 5 upwards.



This resource contains several activities to support class reading of Michaela Morgan‘s book “Respect: The Walter Tull Story”. Inside, she describes how she adapts her workshops for mainstream and SEN classes.


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