Full of jokes, surprises and puzzles, but also sensitive and thought-provoking, this is a spellbinding new collection from the winner of the CLPE Poetry Award.

Magic        slips
between     the
cracks        in
real            life.
One           day
you           will
step           on

Poems about me, about you, about everyone in the class.

Poems about friendship, playing games, teachers, bullying, jealousy, quarrels and secrets…

Funny, thoughtful and entertaining, Cheryl Moskowitz is an exciting new talent, and in tune with what goes on inside and outside the classroom.

Do not talk about Werewolf Club!
You can howl about it
But never talk.

Do not walk to Werewolf Club!
You can bound to it in moonlight
But never walk.

This is an exciting debut poetry collection from a young poet who is already performing his work successfully at venues across the UK.