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< BACKThe Little Crayon Amelia Kai & Jamie Beard AUTHOR >

AGES: 3-7

Little Crayon is neither Blue like its mummy, nor is it yellow like its daddy. One day, it’s asked to make an impossible choice that leaves the poor crayon confused and in doubt of its identity.


The Little Crayon is a touching story about family, friendship and self-love, brought to life by vibrant colours and joyful illustrations. Inspired by author Amelia Kai’s own experiences of navigating a mixed-race identity, the book was lovingly created to help mixed race-children and their peers to understand mixed-race identity. It is the first book of a planned series exploring identity in easy ways, to help ensure that every child is seen. The book is one of several projects tied to Kai’s platform, Mydentity NI, established to facilitate open discussions around race and diversity in Northern Ireland.

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