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< BACKSecond Best Friend Non Pratt AUTHOR >

AGES: 12-14
AGES: 14+

Jade and Becky have always been best friends; inseparable and often indistinguishable. They’re not quite chalk and cheese, but are quite different: Jade is outgoing, swinging from one crush to another, and likes a good party. Becky’s quieter, not interested in relationships, and prefers to stay in. Jade’s never really noticed the differences before, but when she breaks up with Rob King (the hottest boy in school), he makes a spiteful comment shows Jade that she has always been second best in everything.


Now Jade can’t help wondering: is Becky better at everything than she is? Do people like Becky more than her? Becky’s the one person Jade’s always measured against, and suddenly she feels like she’s lacking in every department. When the school election offers her the chance to finally be number one, Jade learns just how far she is willing to go to be better than her best friend.

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