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< BACKJolly Foul Play Robin Stevens AUTHOR >

AGES: 10-12

It’s a new year at Deepdean – Daisy & Hazel are now in the fourth form. The school has a whole new group of mistresses . . . and a new Head Girl and Prefects. But these Big Girls are certainly not good eggs – they rule the school by bullying all of the younger years, and each other.

By the beginning of November, tensions are running high, and it’s hardly a surprise when, after the fireworks display at Deepdean’s Bonfire Night Celebrations, Head Girl Elizabeth Hurst is found dead. She’s been hit on the head by a heavy object. But who could have done it? And what does the murder have to do with the secrets that are suddenly being discovered on pieces of paper all round the school? One thing’s for sure . . . sparks will fly.

find out about the festival