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< BACKInvasion of the Supervillains (Raps and Rhymes to Worry the Galaxy) Chris White & Neal Zetter AUTHOR >

AGES: 10-12
AGES: 7-10

A follow-up to the popular first comic book in the series, Here Come the Superheroes. This time it s the turn of the galaxy s supervillains to feature in top performance poet Neal Zetter s witty, acute poems.


Meet Stink Bomb (who s got an aroma, that will put you in a coma?), Red Rose (claws of toxic thorns, that will cut you every time), Paintball (sneaking in shadows, paint gun attached, red orange green blue SPLAT!) and Ms Psychobabble (weaving words in your head, you ll repeat what she said …).


With incredible comic-style illustrations, and including over 30 poems, meet the Tremendous Two : comedy poet Neal Zetter and illustrator supreme Chris White, in their fantastic poetic collaboration. Heroes are boring but villains exciting.


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