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< BACKHere Come the Superheroes (Raps & Rhymes to Save the Galaxy) Chris White & Neal Zetter AUTHOR >

AGES: 10-12
AGES: 7-10

Get disengaged boys (and girls) into reading with this unique full-colour comic book format collection of raps and rhymes celebrating the galaxy’s newest superheroes, by top performance poet Neal Zetter. Additional secret data includes the protagonists’ top powers, planets of origin, deadliest enemies and other fascinating facts.


Meet Captain Polystyrene (“Weedy as a tiny feather, watch him crumble in bad weather”), Super Senior (“He’s not so brave, he’s not so bold, this superhero’s rather old”), Sister Speed (“Faster than a flash, she’s a raging rocket, she’s a white hot wire, an electric socket”), Micro Girl (“Like a tiny spot, concealing herself beneath a full-stop”), and Terrific Tot whose enemy is Teen Terrible.


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