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< BACKDosbarth Miss Prydderch A’r Carped Hud Mererid Hopwood AUTHOR >

AGES: 7-10

P’nawn da Ffrindiau a chroeso i wefan dosbarth Miss Prydderch!

Defnyddiwch y botymau er mwyn dysgu mwy am fyd y llyfr a’r byd o’ch cwmpas. Mae’r llythyren ‘T’ yn sefyll am “Tudalen”. Felly os yw’r wefan yn dweud “T.7” – mae angen i chi edrych ar dudalen 7.


Dosbarth Miss Prydderch is a series of five books in Welsh for children 8-11 years old (or indeed anyone in search of adventure).

They follow the trials and tribulations of Ysgol y Garn’s top class and their magical teacher.


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