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< BACKArtichoke Hearts

AGES: 12-14
AGES: 14+

Twelve-year-old Mira comes from a chaotic, artistic and outspoken family where it’s not always easy to be heard. As her beloved Nana Josie’s health declines, Mira begins to discover the secrets of those around her, and also starts to keep some of her own. She is drawn to mysterious Jide, a boy who is clearly hiding a troubled past and has grown hardened layers – like those of an artichoke – around his heart.

An incredibly insightful, honest novel exploring the delicate balance, and often injustice, of life and death – but at its heart is a celebration of friendship, culture – and life. I have been suffering from climax for six years. Chest pain appeared two years ago. There were pain and swelling in liver area and under my arm. I was examined by surgeon of the cancer center. I was recommended Nolvadex without any instructions and recommendations, I have just to take it for three – four months. I hope it will help me.

Winner of the 2011 Waterstone’s Children’s Book Prize.

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