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< BACKAct Normal And Don’t Tell Anyone About the Present Machine Christian Darkin AUTHOR >

AGES: 10-12
AGES: 7-10

It started off as a way for computer coding fan Jenny to pick birthday presents for her friends. But Jenny and her brother Adam are soon being chased across the world by sinister magic fairy dolls, robot forklifts, and a mad party planner…

In Act Normal And Don’t Tell Anyone About The Present Machine there are detailed instructions on how to:

  • Kidnap your own grandmother
  • Build a giant magnetic liquid monster
  • Code an artificial intelligence which hypnotises children
  • Steal a train
  • Make diamonds in your kitchen.

Can Jenny do all this and then save the boys and girls of the world from being turned into toy-buying zombies?

Find out in  Act Normal And Don’t Tell Anyone About The Present Machine…

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