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< BACKAct Normal And Don’t Tell Anyone About The Dinosaur In the Garden Christian Darkin AUTHOR >

AGES: 10-12
AGES: 6-9
AGES: 7-10

✓A girl who loves science.

✓A boy who loves chaos.

What could possibly go wrong in this hilarious series of chapter book mystery adventures?

Learning to read independently has never been so much fun!

Every adventurous child deserves to be introduced to Jenny and Adam – two clever kids who have the weirdest adventures.  Jenny’s latest experiment has accidentally turned her chickens into tiny dinosaurs. Her brother, Adam thinks this is great, and decides to feed the same experiment to some ostriches at a local farm…

Jenny is used to strange things happening in her life, and thinks the best move is to just ACT NORMAL, but can they escape from the giant ostrich-dinosaurs and get everything fixed before the adults start to notice?

find out about the festival