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Name Zehra Hicks

About Zehra Hicks

Hello, I’m Zehra and I’m an author and an illustrator.
 I make picture books. I write and illustrate them.
Sometimes I illustrate for animations and websites.
Sometimes I teach illustration and do workshops in schools.
Quite a lot of the time, I’m busy being mum.
(I have two special little people, who inspire me to make books.)
 As well as drawing, you may find me cycling,
reading (usually children’s books)
or eating chocolate (it helps the creative process).
You will never find me brushing my hair,
in fact I don’t even own a hair brush.
I do have lots of toothbrushes though.
 Being an illustrator is an absolutely brilliant job.
Well it’s actually lots of absolutely brilliant jobs!


Zehra Hicks Books

Above books by the author are those featured in Pop Up Education Programmes