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Name Tracey Corderoy

About Tracey Corderoy

Tracey Corderoy started writing a few years ago and wanted her stories to be those special ones; the ones that will be remembered forever

She was born and raised in industrial South Wales where factory chimneys outnumbered the sheep on the hills! When Tracey was eighteen, she moved to Bath where she trained to be a primary school teacher, graduating in 1987.

When her eldest daughter was born, she decided to leave teaching to spend time at home being a mum. When she returned to work, she supported children in primary schools, where she implemented literacy programmes and re-integrated children back into school following periods of long-term illness.

It was during this time that she became passionate about writing for children – convinced that language, expressed through wonderful literature, is the key that stimulates learning and imagination.



Tracey Corderoy Books

Above books by the author are those featured in Pop Up Education Programmes