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Name Joseph Coelho

About Joseph Coelho

Joseph Coelho grew up in a tower block in Roehampton, London with his mum and little sister. His first memory of writing was sitting with a copy of Fungus The Bogey Man by Raymond Briggs and copying the pictures and writing out his own story with large loopy letters, despite not being able to really read or write properly until he was seven years of age.

His earliest memory of writing a poem was in secondary school in year eight. There was a poetry competition. He wrote a poem about the life of a performing bear, chained and made to dance, titled “Unbearable,” alas the judges were not that impressed and he did not win but he continued to write. He wrote poems about how he was feeling, poems about life at school, angry poems, sad poems, funny poems and sometimes he’d nervously share those poems in his drama class.

At university he studied archaeology (the study of the physical past), basically dug up bones in Peru for a couple of years which was lots of fun but still he wrote poems and started directing and writing plays.

One day he discovered a performance poetry course at Battersea Arts Centre being run by Performance Poetry Organisation Apples and Snakes. He wrote poems and shared them on stage, some of the poems made people laugh and he was asked to share his poems in schools. Many years passed running creative writing workshops in schools writing plays for theatres and slowly he began to dream about being a published writer. He spent many more years performing his poems wherever he could and even managed to have some poems published in some anthologies by Macmillan books. Then in 2012 he met Janetta Otter-Barry at the London Book Fair and showed her some of my poems. She agreed to publish them and his very first poetry collection WEREWOLF CLUB RULES was published in 2014 and he has been steadily writing and performing ever since.


Joseph Coelho Books

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