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Name Guy Parker-Rees

About Guy Parker-Rees

Much of Guy’s time at school was spent doodling and painting. Although he studied English and Philosophy at York University, he spent most of his time painting and doodling. Among other jobs, he worked as a mural painter, an arts and crafts teacher and as an art therapist before discovering he really wanted to illustrate children’s books.


Creating picture books is a magical process. When a story is good, ideas just leap into my head and all I have to do is scribble them down. I like to convey feelings in my work by using a vibrant, bouncing line, strong colours and getting expressions and gestures just right. It’s exciting when it all comes together. You may notice, I LOVE drawing animals.


Guy enjoys going to schools and booking festivals to talk about how he made his books and to whip up enthusiasm for drawing and reading. He spends his free time wandering the South Downs, life drawing and oil painting.


Guy Parker-Rees Books

Above books by the author are those featured in Pop Up Education Programmes