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Name Bethan Gwanas
Location Dolgellau, Gwynedd
Website [email protected]

About Bethan Gwanas

Bethan has written 37 books so far, 13 of them for children and teenagers, and all but one in Welsh. She won the Tir na n-Og Prize for best children’s book with Llinyn Trôns in 2001, and Sgôr in 2003, both for teenagers. She was the first winner of the T Llew Jones Memorial prize in 2013 with Gwylliaid, based on the true story of the Red Bandits of Mawddwy. One of her most popular children’s novels, Pen Dafad, about a boy who suddenly starts turning into a sheep every night has been published in an English version: Ramboy. A fantasy trilogy for teenagers Cyfres y Melanai was completed in 2019, and her first picture book, Coeden Cadi, was so popular, she just had to write more adventures for Cadi: Cadi dan y Dŵr, Cadi a’r Deinosoriaid and the fourth book, Cadi a’r Celtiaid is on the way.
She lives in Dolgellau, Gwynedd and likes cycling, travelling, chocolate and dogs.

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Bethan’s books for young children

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Bethan Gwanas Books

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