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Name Beth Webb
Location Wells, Somerset

About Beth Webb

When I was very little, my Dad taught me that stories come out of heads before they become books.
I now write books for children and teenagers, but I’m also a storyteller and illustrator working with all ages and abilities.
I live on the Mendip hills in Somerset with two demanding cats and a head-full of daydreams.
The strangest places I’ve ever lived were a houseboat in Amsterdam and a mediaeval castle.
I’ve had lots of jobs, I’ve been a cook, a cleaner, a radio broadcaster and a journalist.
I have four awesome grown up kids who helped me learn how to write.

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Beth Webb

I’ve been writing for children and teenagers and teaching creative writing for many years. I find that starting with setting and then discovering characters is the best way to get a story started.

Working outside or visiting an interesting place really helps. My students loved working that way, but once the research and the ‘creative daydreaming’ has been done, it’s vitally important to be disciplined enough to go back inside and start work.

The combination of exploration, free thinking and concentration is really effective. Try it.

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