Rachel Piercey

Rachel Piercey

Hello! My name is Rachel and I am a poet and editor. I write poems for children (and for adults, too) and I absolutely love going into schools to share my poems, write new ones as a group, and read work written by pupils.

I’m also an editor, which means I help to make books. I work with my best friend from school, Emma Wright, at a publishing company called the Emma Press. We make books and pamphlets (smaller books of around 36 pages) on all sorts of different themes.

Until last year, all of our books were aimed at adults. But one of the reasons Emma and I became friends was because we loved discussing our favourite children’s books, so we decided to create our first children’s poetry anthology. We thought myths, legends and monsters would be a good theme, because we loved learning these stories when we were young, and also because themes and characters from these stories kept cropping up in lots of different places as we got older.

So we asked as many poets as we could to send us their poems about myths and monsters, and we chose our favourites for the anthology. We called it Falling Out of the Sky, after a phrase from a wonderful poem by W.H. Auden called ‘Musée des Beaux Arts’, which describes poor Icarus tumbling into the sea.

I had never written poems for children before I wrote mine for the anthology, but I had so much fun creating them and performing them on our Arts Council-supported poetry tour that I decided to keep writing and writing! I am really excited about our next children’s anthology, which will be about space and aliens.

I live in London, where I do freelance writing, proofreading and editorial work, and visit schools to give poetry readings and workshops.

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Watcher of the skies