Rising Stars
Ruth Awolola, Abigail Cook, Victoria Adukwei Bulley, Jay Hulme, Amina Jama

Rising Stars Review

By Nathan, Sir Joseph Williamson’s Mathematical School

I firstly liked the poem ‘Wolves’ because the poet shows the feeling of confidence especially in the
phrase ‘our wild souls are captured’ because it gives a feeling that no one else can tell us what to do.
I also like the poem ‘My Body’ because again the poet shows the feeling of confidence in yourself.
Every phrase talks about different parts of the body, and how they help people recognise nature and
how the body represents Mother Earth.
My favourite was ‘Recurring Dream’ because it gives me the image of going to your own world and
not worrying about life. My least favourite was ‘The house at the End of the Street’ because this girl,
Leila, is moving away and her friend is sad about this. The friend comforted her when her parents
divorced and they knew each other for a long time. It made me feel sad that the two friends were