Foxy Tales The Cunning Plan
Caryl Hart

Foxy Tales

By Aimee, Aveley Primary School

Foxy Dubois

She's brainy, smart, also very evil to play with. She's also evil on the inside...and lovely on the outside. She'll do anything to feed her pets. Foxy is a fan of pumpkin pies and cool ices.

Alphonso the Alligator

His fat and chubby and he will swallow you whole. He has a very big stomach which is full of sugary doughnuts; chocolate muffins; chocolate bars and maybe the wrappers too. Alphonso will do anything to give Foxy food for her pets. He is a fan of bacon.

In the tallest flat in town lives evil Alphonso and evil Foxy. They live in a small room with food everywhere and the bed mattress on the balcony. They both make the mess in the small, cramped flat on 96 river bank. The flat is as old as a dinosaur bone.

The daisies blew through the breeze. Alphonso made an enormous sigh and thought what to do for the day. The Foxy burst through the door and shouted, "I have an extraordinary plan! We have to do something to get money." Alphonso listened to the amazing idea that Foxy had. The went on for 2 hours. The lovely soga moved like a dancing panda.

Alphonso was half asleep while Foxy was telling Alphonso the plan. Foxy saw Alphonso was sleeping, so she went to the balcony and got a stick and placed it up his nostril. Alphonso stood up and went to the front door and jumped in his car and Foxu hopped in the back. Alphonso stomped on the pedal and as quick as a flash they were at the lakeside retail park. Foxy spotted the perfect place to busk for money!!!

Afterwards, Alfonso got out of the car with Foxy and put their hat down on the dry pavement and started to dance. She was so tired she decided to count her money: £12,000! Foxy went to the car and buckled her seat belt.

Once Foxy got back home she remembered the money!! So they dceidedd to go BIG TIME