Stitch Head
Guy Bass

Dear Stitch Head

By Chloe, St John's Church School

Dear Stitch Head,

It is clear that you can’t go because it is a trap. If you go, there’s no going back. If you go, who will tame the creature? The professor (who has forgotten you) might start to remember you.

If you go, you might die or get trapped for life. Think to yourself, do you want to break your promise to the professor? He might call you names. Do you want that to happen? Is it worth the risk?

Although you want to be a star, you can’t leave your master. Do you want to betray him? What if he remembered you? Deep down you will miss both the creature and the professor. Even though he hasn’t remembered you for thirty years, he still might.

I don’t think you could ever leave the castle. It is a big risk. In conclusion, I believe that you cannot go. Imagine how it will make the professor and the creature feel.