Stitch Head
Guy Bass

Dear Stitch Head

By Rosie, St John's Church School

Dear Diary,

Think about your decision Stitch Head. Deep down in your heart you know that you should go with Freakfinder because Professor will never remember you from thirty years ago.

Fulbert Freakfinder will abolish the loneliness from your life. He will make you a dazzling star! Come with me I will pay you dozens of pounds. Just think about your options.

I understand that you’ve been here for thirty years. Despite your memories with the professor, I still see no reason why you would stay in the worst castle. I doubt that he will ever acknowledge your existence.

Thirdly, Fulbert Freakfinder will give you finances. You will no longer live in the deep dungeon; you could afford a luxurious home. Perhaps you should think about all these benefits. As long as you can live with deserting the professor, going with Fulbert Freakfinder is the only option. If you go, Fulbert Freakfinder will change your isolated life into a wonderful life full of opportunities.

In conclusion, you must go with Fulbert Freakfinder because he will pay you anything you want.