Stitch Head
Guy Bass

Dear Stitch Head

By Dominika, St John's Church School

Dear Stitch Head,

Clearly you are not satisfied with your isolated life in the castle. Understandably it is a very difficult decision.

I find it difficult to think you’d want to stay in that junkyard. Even though you have been there for many years, it doesn’t mean you should stay there. Joining Freakfinder is an excellent choice. You could continue your life of solitude unless you actually want to be loved. Surely you don’t want to remain unknown. Without a doubt, Freakfinder will give you a sensational life.

Despite the fact that you’re a loyal companion to the professor, you still shouldn’t stay. He locked you in that room because he doesn’t need you. He think you’re a complete stranger so I doubt he will ever realise you exist. I think it’s time to teach professor Erasmus a lesson for neglecting you. You’ll be the unforgettable Stitch Head.

Let me also remind you of the financial benefits. Freakfinder- who is only considering your best interests- could make you a billionaire. Although you think that you don’t need any money to have a good almost-life, I assure you it will make you elated. You could be as rich a Politian. The more you think about it, the more you’re going to realise you need to go with him.

In summary, I hope you will make the right choice. You’ll be a star. You will be crushed if you don’t go with Freakfinder. The choice is yours, to go with Freakfinder or stay in the rotting castle. Will you go?

Yours sincerely,