Stitch Head
Guy Bass

Dear Diary

By Cassie, St John's Church School

Dear Diary,

When I woke up, I knew something strange was going to happen. I just knew it. I felt weird.

When I was watching the professor making the creature, I thought back to when I was made. I looked down at my mismatched small hands and weak legs. I felt very left out. I looked at his fat arms and legs. This made me want to sob. I thought that he was going to hurt the professor because he had werewolf extract inside of him. The more I sat and watched him make the creature, the more I felt worried. I even had tears filling my eyes.

Without warning, the creature dashed to the gate stomping so loudly that the whole town could hear him. Normally I am content to help the professor with his creatures but I just felt like giving up. I tried to calm the creature down but it didn’t work. I was trying to climb the creature but he was too fidgety so I thought it was extremely challenging. Finally I managed to pour the potion into his enormous mouth. His breath was horrid. Although it took him ages to swallow it, I am still very proud of myself. Relieved, the magical potion miraculously worked even thought he was ginormous.

I stood there whilst the creature was begging to be my best friend. I felt so sorry for him. Although I wanted to be friends, it was heart because of the broken promise of friendship with the professor. I thought for a moment. Suddenly the creature asked what my name was. I froze, Stitch… Stitch Head, Stitch Head is my name.

I tried to run. I left the creature alone. The pain of my broken heart was just so strong. Strangely and awkwardly, he followed me to my dungeon. My heart was beating as loud as an echo from the mountains. I thought that he would knock all of my potions over. I was worried, even embarrassed. Although it was difficult, I started to show him around.

When I was showing him the dark, damp, dirty dungeon, the trumpet rang. I was worried. It was the doorbell (which hadn’t run for years). It was very loud. It rang through the ancient walls. I was glued to the floor I didn’t move. I make sure they didn’t hear me…